Laser Dentistry

Laurier Dental CentreLaser dentistry has a history of almost 25 years, and it’s success is well documented. It allows dentists to do dental work without the need for a drill, or using sedation in some procedures. This allows the occasionally nervous patient, to relax. It is a wonderful addition to pediatric dentistry in that it is safe, effective and easy on the young patient.

Laser dentistry may be used to treat tooth decay, assist with root canal procedures, gum and soft tissue complications as well as enhancing the tooth whitening process. Healing times are shortened and bleeding during the procedure is considerably reduced, depending on the laser used. Laser dentistry may not be an appropriate method for all dental issues, so it would be wise to make enquiries as to its value in your oral care program. We’re always available to discuss the options available to you.

Only a few of the benefits of laser use have been mentioned here, so we invite you to talk with Laurier Dentistry’s laser practitioner Dr. Larry Tenaschuk.