Pediatric Dentistry

Parents are the first line of defence for the health of your child’s teeth. Early training in the importance of developing a good oral hygiene routine is critical to success when your child is old enough to experience their first visit to the dentist. Teaching your child that they have a dental “responsibility”, and working with your child’s dentist to establish a positive experience will assure success.

Your child’s first oral health care experience should be a positive, non-threatening and reassuring experience. Easing your child into a regular healthy oral care routine should be accompanied by booking your child’s first dental visit with one of our dental professionals around two to three years of age. We are experienced in making your child feel relaxed and very careful to observe your child’s reactions to having his/her mouth examined. It is from those observations we will adapt a dental program to suit your child’s needs. This assures a successful dental experience for you and your child. Call us today to discuss our pediatric dental care program with Dr. Larry Tenaschuk or the dental professionals at Laurier Dental and get your child started on a healthful, happy oral care experience.