Laurier Dental CentreOur practice selects the most appropriate materials when providing restorative dental services. Whether we provide basic composite restorations (white fillings), crowns, fixed bridges, dentures or dental implants there are always options. Other dental issues such as missing teeth, can be addressed by our dental office.

One such option is the implant supported solution. A basic requirement for the success of the dental implant is sufficient bone mass necessary to sustain the implant. Should implant support be an issue, bone grafting may be required prior to implant placement. As well, overall good dental health is needed. These factors are essential to the overall success of the restored tooth.

Other methods of achieving the perfect smile in teeth that are compromised by chips, cracks and discoloration, are crowns, as well as veneers. Prior to this treatment teeth need to be restored to create a sound base on which to place a crown or veneer. Ask us about these options.

At Laurier Dental our professional dental staff, are always available for consultation and will be able to assess and direct you to the treatment that will be most successful in your specific case. Don’t hesitate to call us for a consultation. Our best advertisement is a happy client.