Same Day Crowns

One Appointment Instead of Two

CEREC same day crowns are made right here in our Laurier Dental office on the same day. They can be used for situations involving:

  • Large cavities
  • Cracked teeth
  • Same day dental implants
  • Replacing an old filling
  • Restoring a tooth with a root canal

After we numb the tooth and shape it for a crown to fit on top, we use a special digital wand to scan the tooth’s surface and input that information into our CEREC milling machine. Next, a shade-matched block of ceramic is selected and placed into the CEREC machine, which carves your new crown with extreme accuracy. It’s a guaranteed fit every time! While your crown is being made, you can relax or catch up on other dental treatments that you might need. Once it’s ready, we try your CEREC crown in and permanently bond it in place. There’s no need to wear a temporary or to come back two weeks later. Everything is completed at that appointment.

Advantages of CEREC Technology

What does a CEREC crown have to offer, that other crowns don’t?

No gooey impressions.

Does it bother you to have impressions made of your teeth? If you have a sensitive gag reflex, getting dental work like crowns may seem impossible. But CEREC uses digital scanning technology to take virtual impressions of your teeth, so that there’s no need for a conventional mold.

Eliminates the risk of human error.

With traditional impression materials, there’s always a risk of something being made incorrectly, breaking, warping, or not fitting right. When this happens, crowns and impressions have to be remade (lengthening the process.)

Faster restorations, fewer appointments.

Traditional crown treatment has always required a minimum of two appointments, if not more. With CEREC, our Phoenix dentist can prep and deliver your new crown on the very same day. That means less time off work and more time getting on with life. Everything is made while you wait.


Laurier Single Visit Dental Treatments

Enjoy a healthier, stronger smile in just one trip to the dentist. At Laurier Dental, we offer same day crowns as well as single-visit treatments like dental implants. No matter what your smile has been through in the past, we’re here to help you enjoy quality care that extends the life of your teeth well into the future.

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