Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy

Endodontics, or root canal therapy, aims to save a natural tooth from a deep infection. An infection at the root can happen when a tooth has a cavity or is cracked, chipped or decaying. Plaque and food particles can get inside the tooth and infection can spread to the root.

Treatment For Root Infection

A specialized tool is used to extract the infection from the root. The tooth is filled with a bonded resin and, typically, will need to receive a crown at a future appointment. A root canal can last a lifetime, but in the occasional situation the tooth doesn’t heal properly or becomes infected later down the line, we offer re-treatment of the tooth.

Endodontics Made Easy

With advanced dentistry, a tooth canal is quick and easy to perform, as well as painless. If you are nervous about anesthetic being administered, we are pleased to offer our “Quick Sleeper” method which makes receiving anesthetic virtually painless.

What Happens At An Appointment

The first step is to have your dentist look at the tooth in question and decide if a root canal is right for you. If a root canal is necessary, anesthetic will be administered and a small hole made in the tooth for the specialized device to be inserted and clean out the infection. Your tooth and oral health will be restored in no time. If you suspect a root infection, don’t delay. Please call our office in Milton at 905-878-9882.

Evening & Weekend Appointments

We understand your busy schedule. We offer evening and weekend appointments.

Direct Insurance Billing

We can bill your insurance directly, no more waiting for reimbursements.

Flexible Payment Plans

If you’re in need of assistance, we offer payment plans for your dental work.
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